Book Availability FAQ

Q: When I search for a book and find it listed on your website, does that mean it's in stock at Annie Bloom's right now?

A: Not necessarily. What you're seeing is a listing from our distributor's database of all the titles they stock (and some they don't). What you want to look for is the book's availability status.

Q: Where can I find the book's availability/stock status?

A: This can be found when you are searching for a book and looking at a list of titles, or on each book's individual product page. There will be a note that says what the availability is, and whether it is on our shelves (as of what date/time) or is available for us to special order or pre-order for you.

Sometimes there is no availability information and no order button, or there is a note that indicates you should contact us for more information. Typically, this means that the book you want is out of print, which would unfortunately mean we can't get this title for you. We are happy to double check over the phone or by email to make sure! If the book is out of print we recommend trying a used bookstore, who may have access to used copies of the book. We can recommend some used bookstores in Portland, including Daedalus Books, Powell's, and for books that our local used booksellers don't have, you can try the independent online marketplace