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First Friday
November 4 is First Friday!

Come visit us during First Friday in Multnomah Village.
For your browsing enjoyment, we'll be serving wine. Plus, we'll be giving away great prizes for our monthly drawing.

Drop by Annie Bloom's anytime after 6:00 on Friday night and register to win!

One lucky adult will win two books for animal lovers:
Flying Dogs
by Julia Christe
Life Works Itself Out: (And Then You Nap)
by Keiya Mizuno & Naoki Naganuma
plus a Life Works Itself Out bookbag!

And one lucky child will win:
I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark
by Debbie Levy & Elizabeth Baddeley 
plus a matching bookbag!
Great Gift Books
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November 2016 Readings, Great Gift Books, New Science Fiction, and More!
Check out our upcoming readings! Plus, check out our Great Gift Books section, read about the latest in Sci-Fi, and find out which new titles indie booksellers across the country are loving. And drop by and see us on First Friday!
Upcoming Readings
Authors Coming in November
Therese Oneill
Tuesday, November 1, 7pm

In Unmentionable, Therese Oneill opens the doors to everything we secretly wanted to know about the Victorian era, but didn't think to ask. Knickers with no crotches? Check. Arsenic as a facial scrub? Check. The infrequency of bathing and the stench of the Victorian human body? Check mate. [Due to a scheduling conflict, Laurie Notaro, who was slated to be in conversation with Therese, has had to cancel. We apologize for any inconvenience.]

KC Cowan
Journey to Wizards' Keep
Thursday, November 3, 7pm

Portland author KC Cowan reads from Journey to Wizards' Keep, the young adult fantasy novel she and her coauthors began writing together in college in 1978. Best friends Nan and Irene want what all 16-year-old girls in their village want--to find true love and marry. Instead, they're going to have to defeat an evil wizard. Journey to Wizards' Keep is a non-stop thrilling adventure with romance and humor, as three girls with very different personalities join together to save the land.

Scott Farris
Monday, November 7, 7pm

The Portland author will read from his biography of Inga Arvad, who was the great love of President John F. Kennedy's life, and also Adolf Hitler's special guest at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. She was an actress, a foreign correspondent, a popular Washington columnist, an explorer who lived among a tribe of headhunters, one of Hollywood's most influential gossip columnists, and a suspected Nazi spy. She was a genius with people, she was daring and adventurous, and she was their equal in intellect. Inga Arvad led a life that both sheds light on and defies the stereotypes of women of her time.

Reading from City of Weird
Monday, November 14, 7pm

Edited by local graphic designer and writer Gigi Little, and published by Southwest Portland's own Forest Avenue Press, City of Weird: 30 Otherworldly Portland Tales conjures what we fear: death, darkness, ghosts. Hungry sea monsters and alien slime molds. Blood drinkers and game show hosts. Set in Portland, Oregon, these thirty original stories blend imagination, literary writing, and pop culture into a cohesive weirdness that honors the city's personality, its bookstores and bridges and solo volcano, as well as the tradition of sci-fi pulp magazines.

Kim Stafford
Having Everything Right
Wednesday, November 16, 7pm

Portland author Kim Stafford joins us for the 30th Anniversary Edition of his essay collection. He'll be joined by Robert Michael Pyle, who wrote the introduction. Having Everything Right revolves around the history, folklore, and physical beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Stafford writes poetic and evocative prose as he reflects on such subjects as Indian place names, bears, and local eccentrics.

Floyd Skloot
The Phantom of Thomas Hardy
Thursday, November 17, 7pm

On a visit to Dorchester, England, Thomas Hardy's phantom--or is he just a figment of Floyd Skloot's oddly damaged brain?--tasks Floyd with finding out what Hardy missed in love. Floyd and his wife, Beverly, set out to discover what they can, visiting Hardy's birthplace, home, and grave, exploring the Dorset landscape and the famous novels with their themes of tormented love, and meeting characters deeply invested in Hardy's life and reputation.
November Indie Next List 
Every month, the coalition of independent bookstores puts together a list of titles recommended by booksellers across the country. Come in to browse the titles below, along with other great new bookseller picks for November. 

by Alice Hoffman

"Faithful is compulsively readable and includes all of the traits we have come to love and expect from an Alice Hoffman novel. It is a coming-of-age tale of the emotional journey of a girl overcome with heartbreak after a tragic accident, who is now attempting to redefine herself. It is a hopeful lesson in faith, love, friendship, forgiveness, and opening up to new possibilities. A friendly warning: Expect a craving for Chinese food and a desire to adopt a rescue dog after reading." -Tarah Jennings, Mitzi's Books, Rapid City, SD

The German Girl
by Armando Lucas Correa

"On May 13, 1939, the S.S. St. Louis set sail from Germany to Cuba with many Jewish passengers fleeing Hitler. Despite all best efforts, they were turned away from Cuba, the U.S., and Canada, forcing the ship to return to Europe, where many of the passengers would die in Hitler's death camps. Correa puts a human face on this shameful episode. Hannah Rosenthal, the daughter of wealthy aristocrats, was 12 when she boarded the St. Louis. Seven decades later, Anna Rosen receives a package from an unknown relative in Cuba that inspires her and her mother to travel to Cuba to learn the truth about their family's mysterious and tragic past. A masterful debut!" -Deon Stonehouse, Sunriver Books & Music, Sunriver, OR

Mister Monkey
by Francine Prose

"I came to this book expecting to be entertained, and it is laugh-out-loud funny. But in the wise and observant ways of Prose, Mister Monkey is more than just a protracted joke. The story begins in the narrow spaces of a theater soon to be demolished for condos and widens as Prose shifts points of view from actor to costume designer to writer to waiter to Hindu deity and back to the stage. Adolescent rage, loneliness, divinity, the end of the world, the beginning of love, the way we fail to live up to our dreams for ourselves, the fear of our own mediocrity, the unexpected victories that are the grace that fills the spaces made by disappointment: these are the soul of this novel with an agile, monkey heart. Both deeply moving and light, this is one of my favorite novels of the year." -Melanie McNair, Malaprop's Bookstore/Café, Asheville, NC

The Terranauts
by T. C. Boyle

"In the early 1990s, a grand experiment began in the Arizona desert to determine if human life could be sustained in an engineered, sealed ecological system. The mission failed spectacularly, but fiction gives it another chance in this riveting story of eight scientists who commit to live under glass for two years. They battle hunger, fatigue, and isolation, but the real drama is personal. The story is told through the voices of three distinct narrators--two heating things up on the inside and one nursing resentments outside the glass walls. Master storyteller Boyle entertains, but never slips into schlock. He writes with wit and perspicacity on both human relations and ecology, and this novel is among his best." -Sharon Flesher, Brilliant Books, Traverse City, MI

Wonder Women: 25 Innovators, Inventors, and Trailblazers Who Changed History
by Sam Maggs

"In this delightful book, Maggs introduces readers to amazing women who changed history through their creativity, inventions, and remarkable paths of service in areas overwhelmed by men. From Huang Daopo, Chinese textile pioneer, to Brita Tott, Danish spy and forger, and from Elizabeth and Emily Blackwell, American doctors and hospital administrators, to Bessie Coleman, African-American aviatrix, the intelligence and stamina of these women is amazing. In many cases they had to apply for patents under the names of men or retreat into the background so that men could take credit for their work. In each article, Maggs highlights the dichotomy of what these women did and how they were acknowledged for their work." -Sally Van Wert, MacDonald Book Shop, Estes Park, CO

Plus, here are some previous Indie Next entries, now out in paperback:
A Doubter's Almanac
by Ethan Canin

Recommended in hardcover by Sarah Bagby, Watermark Books & Café, Wichita, KS

Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl: A Memoir
by Carrie Brownstein

Recommended in hardcover by Zack Ruskin, Book Passage, Corte Madera, CA 
New in Sci-Fi 
Here are some of the latest additions to our Science Fiction/Fantasy Section:
The Found and the Lost: The Collected Novellas
by Ursula K. Le Guin
Every novella by Ursula K. Le Guin, an icon in American literature, is collected for the first time and introduced by the legendary author in one breathtaking volume. Le Guin has won multiple prizes and accolades from the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters to the Newbery Honor, the Nebula, Hugo, World Fantasy, and PEN/Malamud Awards. She has had her work collected over the years, but never as a complete retrospective of her longer works as represented in the wonderful The Found and the Lost. This collection is a literary treasure chest that belongs in every home library.

Game of Thrones: The Illustrated Edition
by George R.R. Martin
Published in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Martin's landmark series, this lavishly illustrated special edition of A Game of Thrones--featuring gorgeous full-page artwork as well as black-and-white illustrations in every chapter--revitalizes the fantasy masterpiece that became a cultural phenomenon. And now the mystery, intrigue, romance, and adventure of this magnificent saga come to life as never before. A Song of Fire and Ice is a tale rife with plots and counterplots, tragedy and betrayal, victory and terror, as each faction endeavors to win that deadliest of conflicts: the game of thrones.

The Science of Game of Thrones
by Helen Keen
Comedian and popular-science writer Helen Keen uncovers the astounding science behind the mystical, blood-soaked world of Game of Thrones, answering questions like: Is it possible to crush a person's head with your bare hands? What really happens when royal families interbreed? Does Cersei have Borderline Personality Disorder? What curious medical disorder does Hodor suffer from? And more. So pour yourself a bowl of brown, climb on your beast of burden, and prepare yourself to see the Seven Kingdoms as you have never seen them before.

Death's End
by Cixin Liu
The epic Three-Body Trilogy concludes with Death's End. Half a century after the Doomsday Battle, the uneasy balance of Dark Forest Deterrence keeps the Trisolaran invaders at bay. Cheng Xin, an aerospace engineer from the early 21st century, awakens from hibernation in this new age. She brings with her knowledge of a long-forgotten program dating from the beginning of the Trisolar Crisis, and her very presence may upset the delicate balance between two worlds. Will humanity reach for the stars or die in its cradle?

Rise of Io
by Wesley Chu
Ella Patel--thief, con-artist and smuggler--is in the wrong place at the wrong time. After happening upon an attack of alien invaders, she becomes inhabited by Io, a low-ranking Quasing who was involved in some of the worst decisions in history. Now Ella must help the alien presence to complete her mission and investigate a rash of murders in the border states that maintain the frail peace. With the Prophus assigned to help her seemingly wanting to stab her in the back, and the enemy Genjix hunting her, Ella must also deal with Io's annoying inferiority complex. To top it all off, Ella thinks the damn alien voice in her head is trying to get her killed. And, if you can't trust the voices in your head, who can you trust?