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Staff Reviews
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World Book Night
More Staff Faves
Our staff enjoyed these books, too.

Yellow Birds
by Kevin Powers

The Diviners
by Libba Bray

by Chrystia Freeland 
Winter is a great time to dive into one of those hefty tomes you've been meaning to read. Here are just a few of the many behemoth volumes at the front of our store:

Winter of the World
by Ken Follett

A Memory of Light
by Robert Jordan

Team of Rivals
by Doris Kearns Goodwin

The Odyssey
by Homer (Fagles)

Infinite Jest
by David Foster Wallace

The Road to Reality
by Roger Penrose

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations (18th Edition)
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January 2013: Staff Reviews & More


Here are three new staff reviews for you! We also have some great events coming up. Plus, check out what's new in Psychology.   
Staff Reviews
Our staff brings you three new favorites:


by Lois Lowry

Reviewed by Sandy

Son tells the story of Claire, a young girl assigned the job of being a birth-mother in a society far different from our own. Various elements combine to make Claire different from the other girls in that she remembers giving birth to a son and feels a mother's love for her child. She discovers which family he was given to and begins to bond with him. When her child is taken from the village because his life is in danger, she attempts to follow but becomes stranded on an isolated shore. Many years later she manages to find a way out and continues her search. Will she find him before evil forces cause her to lose her own life?

Lois Lowry won the Newbery Medal for The Giver, the first book in what has come to be known as The Giver Quartet. Son concludes the series. All 4 books, written for ages 12 and up, received starred reviews. While each book can stand alone and is seemingly unrelated to the others, Lowry succeeds in magically drawing the different tales and characters together to form a most satisfying conclusion. I avidly re-read the first 3 titles before reading this final title and thoroughly enjoyed them all.

Raggedy Man
by Clyde Curley
Reviewed by Bobby
I picked up this lovely paperback, drawn by its evocative cover; but with trepidation (first novel, Northwest author, small press, appearing at Annie Blooms). What if I loathed it or was even cool toward it? Fortunately, I was rewarded with a fabulous, well written, gripping tale. I can't wait for more Detective Toussaint. He is a character with a back story worthy of Henning Mankel or Michael Connelly, and one feels the development is just beginning. There are in fact several interesting characters whose stories I want to know more about. The Portland locale adds a piquant layer with political and social implications; but this fine novel could be enjoyed on so many levels that that intrigue is just icing.

Tenth of December
by George Saunders
Reviewed by Michael
One of today's very best story writers returns with Tenth of December, his fourth collection of short fiction. George Saunders builds off the minimalism of Raymond Chandler, but wields far more vibrant and darkly comic tools. The litrtle worlds he creates are vivid, as are the characters who populate them. Whether writing of ordinary suburban pre-teens or convicts in a bizarre psychiatric research facility, Saunders digs into both the pathos and the joy of life. 
We have great readings scheduled for January and February:

Susan Jackson Rodgers & Wendy Willis 
Two Wonderful Oregon Writers
TONIGHT! - January 16, 7:00 PM
Rodgers is the author of the short story collection Ex-Boyfriend on Aisle 6. She lives in Corvallis and teaches at Oregon State University. "Flannery O'Connor meets Desperate Housewives. A poetic, hilarious and haunting collection." Willis is the author of the poetry collection Blood Sisters of the Republic. She is an adjunct fellow in poetry at Portland writing workshop, the Attic Institute. "With a voice as uptown as it is down-home, Willis' splendid poems make one astonishing yet satisfying leap after another."

William Stafford Birthday Celebration
Wednesday, January 23, 7:00 PM
Friends of William Stafford Board Member Susan McKee Reese hosts this annual tribute to Oregon's great Poet Laureate. Featured readers include Barbara Drake, Valentine Freeman, Lisa Galloway, Tom Hogan, and Anmarie Trimble. Please come to a celebration of what would have been the 99th birthday of William Stafford and bring a favorite William Stafford poem to share.

E.F. Lewins
Christabel's Escape
Thursday, January 31, 7:00 PM
From Portland author E.F. Lewins, loyalty is tested against romantic love and sexual desire in this modern version of a Gothic tale. Based on the 1799 unfinished poem by Coleridge, Christabel's Escape draws on authentic women's narratives from the twelfth century to discover a story of healing and renewal underlying this genre classic.

Chloe Coscarelli
Chloe's Vegan Desserts
Monday, February 25, 7:00 PM
Chef Chloe's first all-dessert cookbook will satisfy your sweet tooth from morning to night with more than 100 recipes for cakes and cupcakes, ice cream and doughnuts and pies-oh my! And you just will not believe these delicious dishes are vegan. Go ahead and lick that spoon-there are no worries when you bake vegan! With gorgeous color photography, clever tips, and a comprehensive section on vegan baking basics to get you started, Chloe's Vegan Desserts will be your new vegan dessert bible.
New in Psychology  
Here are some of the latest titles from our Psychology & Self-Help section:

Spontaneous Happiness
by Andrew Weil
Dr. Weil redefines the notion of happiness and demonstrates the limitations of the biomedical model of mental health. He presents a vast, scientifically proven array of integrative treatment strategies for low mood and depression, drawing on techniques from Ayurveda, Buddhism, acupuncture, psychotherapy, mindfulness training, and much more. Whether suffering from mild to moderate depression, or simply seeking greater contentment, readers can use Dr. Weil's science-based integrative approach to achieve their goals.

Use Your Brain to Change Your Age
by Daniel Amen
From the bestselling author and PBS star, a brain healthy program to turn back the clock, and keep your mind sharp and your body fit. For more than 20 years, Dr. Daniel Amen has been helping people look and feel young, healthy, and vibrant with his brain healthy strategies. Now, he shares his complete anti-aging program, to improve memory, focus, and energy; keep your heart and immune system strong; and reduce the outward signs of aging.

Situations Matter
by Sam Sommers
Every day we overlook the enormous power of situations in our lives. We fail to appreciate that life's basic details--where we are, whom we're with, and even whether we're in a hurry--affect how we think and act. Sommers argues that understanding the powerful influence of context forces us to rethink how we see ourselves and makes us more effective at work, at home, and in our daily lives. He describes the pitfalls that we should avoid and offers compelling suggestions on how we can make better decisions and smarter observations about the world around us.

Pursuing the Good Life
by Christopher Peterson
One of the founders of positive psychology offers one hundred bite-sized reflections exploring the many sides of this exciting new field. With the humor, warmth, and wisdom that has made him an award-winning teacher, Peterson takes readers on a lively tour of the sunny side of the psychological street. He shows that happiness is not simply the result of a fortunate spin of the genetic wheel. There are things that people can learn to do to lead happier lives. Pursuing the Good Life is both an enjoyable read and an invaluable guide to making the good life part of your everyday existence.
World Book Night
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