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100 great poems In case you didn't have a chance to see the article in "The Oregonian," they wrote a wonderful story about us. You can read it here. As much as we'd like to pat ourselves on the back, we're thriving because of you! Thanks for believing in the wonder of books and for choosing to shop at Annie Bloom's.  

New CDs Featured on NPR:

Every six weeks, we get a new batch of CDs that have recently been spotlighted on NPR. Here are a few of those good new albums:

El Camino
The Black Keys

50 Words for Snow
Kate Bush

For the Good Times
The Little Willies
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January 2012: Shelf Awareness, Staff Reviews & More


We'll let you know about "Shelf Awareness for Readers." Plus, read a new Staff Review. And we're in The Oregonian!
Shelf Awareness for Readers Is On Its Way! 
100 great poemsWe've got some exciting news for you. On Friday, subscribers to this email newsletter will begin receiving a great new e-publication: "Shelf Awareness for Readers." For half a dozen years, our friends at Shelf Awareness have published a daily email newsletter for the book trade. Recently they launched "Shelf Awareness for Readers," which includes reviews of their selection of the 25 best books released during the week, insider information about the business, and features for avid readers. Now they're partnering with us to make this publication available to you. It will arrive in your inbox each Tuesday and Friday morning. We think you'll enjoy it. If a particular book catches your eye, you can simply hit the "Buy" button to go directly to the Annie Bloom's website for more information or to purchase the book.

Because "Shelf Awareness for Readers" provides a great summary of new releases, we'll be re-tooling our own bi-monthly email newsletter. You'll see fewer roundups of new titles, but more staff reviews, news on readings, books that we're highlighting, staff bios, and other tidbits about Annie Bloom's.

If you decide that "Shelf Awareness for Readers" is one more email than you need, just hit the unsubscribe link at the bottom. You'll still continue to receive this newsletter from Annie Bloom's. As with everything else, we'd love to get your feedback about "Shelf Awareness for Readers." Please email us at: books@annieblooms.com.
Staff Review
100 great poems Yet another posthumous work from Roberto Bolaño? Incredibly, eight years from the great writer's death, we are treated to one of his best novels, The Third Reich. With nods to Death in Venice and The Stranger, Bolaño tells the tale of Udo, a German war games champion on vacation with his girlfriend in Spain. There, they fall in with another German couple and a handful of locals. When one of Udo's new acquaintances goes missing, he becomes dangerously embroiled in a game of Third Reich. Bolaño is a master at imbuing his character's every thought and action with tension and foreboding, and this skill is on very fine display here, where even a day at the beach is an ominous event. -Michael [Here are more of Michael's staff favorites]

Beginning next month, we'll have a trio (or more) or Staff Favorite reviews. Stay tuned!
Books from Local Authors
100 great poems Portland writer Diana Bailey Harris culled through the many correspondences between her sibling relatives to compile Reflections of a Civil War Locomotive Engineer. Separated as adolescents in Canada, reunited by the US Civil War, brothers John and Francis Bailey forge bonds which ensure their survival in the turbulent years that follow. This historical biography presents America's pursuit of her Manifest Destiny through the eyes of a Michigan railroad engineer and an Albany NY policeman, based on the trove of documents Diana's father, John Bailey, collected over nearly half a century.

100 great poems In Real Women Real Wisdom, 17 ordinary yet extraordinary women--most in their 50s and 60s--reflect on the challenges, mysteries and ultimately the triumphs in their lives. Their stories tell of the transformative experiences of loss, suffering, life-threatening illness, recovery, and forgiveness, as well as the quiet moments of reflection that have led to their personal encounters with the Divine. The journeys they share hold great wisdom, hope and inspiration for all who read about them. This collection of essays was edited by Portlander Maureen Hovenkotter, a writer on spirituality for The Oregonian and other publications.

Susan Schoenbeck's Good Grief: Daily Meditations is dedicated to those who have lost loved ones and whose hearts are broken. The thoughts and experiences contained here are meant to soothe the pain of grief. For years we have been told those who grieve should accept their loss and move on. This book shows us how we can continue expressing our love for them. We learn that awareness of the continuity of life after death opens the door to a continued relationship with a loved one.

Jennifer Richter presents a series of poems that explore the many facets of the term "threshold." These gripping lyric and prose poems explore duality in its many forms: the private, contemplative world versus a world of action; the mirror sides of health and sickness; the warmth of a June sun and the deep, long nights of winter; mother and child; collecting and letting go. From the comfort of a morning bed at home to the desperate streets of Hanoi, Threshold is a searing portrait of healing, the courage it takes to bridge the gulfs that divide, and the wonder of the ties that bind.

For adult children of parents struggling with Alzheimer's disease, finding useful tips and suggestions for dealing with everyday challenges can be difficult. Unforgettable Journey: Tips to Survive Your Parent's Alzheimer's Disease provides an easy-to-read, concise compilation of author Anne P. Hill's experiences coping with her mother's illness.