Reader Rewards Program

In Spring 2006, our Reader Rewards program replaced our Baker's Dozen cards as our method for rewarding your continued loyalty to Annie Bloom's Books. Here's how it works:


For every $100 you spend on books (including bargain books), we will give you a coupon for $5 off your next purchase.

To get you enrolled, we will need your contact information. As a default, we'll use your phone number (minus the area code) as your account number. If you wish, you can choose an alternate account number (10 character maximum), but please choose something meaningful. We will ask you for your account number every time you make a book purchase.

Please know that we will never, never, never share your information with anyone else.

If you won't be visiting us soon, you may email, phone, or fax your Reader Rewards registration to us.

To email your information:

Reader Rewards Registration

Although we are no longer handing out new Baker's Dozen cards, we will always accept them as a form of payment. Cards are still worth 1/12th of the total of the book prices listed, whether they're full or not. So bring 'em in today!