The Far Side 2023 Off-the-Wall Calendar

Make 2023 a stellar year with another bestselling The Far Side® calendar from comedic genius, Gary Larson. This revised edition of The Far Side® 1995 Off-The-Wall Calendar brings you 365 days of subversively hilarious and ageless takes on our crazy universe. Need we say more?

Behold! Like the 17-year cicada (give or take a couple of years), The Far Side®1995 Off-The-Wall Calendar has emerged from its lair sporting a new skin: The Far Side®2023 Off-The-Wall Calendar. Our field experts assured us that this rare event—the perfect alignment of two very removed calendars, which has something to do with the earth’s orbit around the sun, and the formation of celestial bodies known as “cow stars”—is something quite unique, and most worthy of our capture and release. Behold! (We think this warranted a second Behold!) The Far Side®2023 Off-The-Wall Calendar has officially taken flight. Let the air once again be filled with the buzz of laughter, gasps, and “huh?”

Features include:

  • Tear-off pages
  • Day/Date reference on each page
  • Official major holidays and observances
  • Back of pages are blank—perfect for notes, lists, or to-dos
  • Use of FSC-certified paper with soy-based ink
  • Text, box, and backer made from recyclable materials
  • A different black and white The Far Side® cartoon on each page
Price: $16.99
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SKU: CAL9781524875022