Rick Seifert presents Paul Pintarich's In My Time

Annie Bloom's welcomes Rick Seifert, editor of In My Time, to present this collection of essays from longtime Southwest Community Connection columnist Paul Pintarich.

The stories told here took place before Portlandia—the copper goddess or the over-the-top comedy series—before MAX Light Rail, the Fremont Bridge, hippies, Tonya Harding, Tom McCall and even Darcelle. The setting was where whole swaths of what would eventually become Portland were decidedly "wild." "Weird" would come much later.

Journalist, columnist and author Paul Pintarich (1938-2011) celebrates the "pre-suburbia" of his boyhood. The City of Portland proper was just to the north but destined to absorb Paul’s "Terra Incognita." While his turf still remained "Out There," young Paul ran loose with a pack of pals drawn to the wild. They encountered hermits, "creepies" and caves in the brambled forests. Some of their boyhood haunts are preserved, but remain hidden, in today’s Tryon and Marshall Parks. Paul and his buddies camped among ghosts on the summit of Mount Sylvania, an ancient shield volcano. They swam in the Sellwood Park pool and the Willamette River at risk of contracting polio. They poached Christmas trees, disrupted drive-in movies with red flares and effigies. They caught crawdads, whirled yo-yos and swapped comics. Their adventures were as wild as the terrain and their imaginations.

For five years, starting in December 1996, Paul recounted his boyhood adventures in monthly columns for the Southwest Community Connection. The columns appeared under the standing title "In My Time." Most of them, as well as three feature stories by Paul, are here. Also included are original illustrations by Jeff Cook; a foreword by Rick Bella, a colleague of Paul's at The Oregonian, and a preface by Rick Seifert, Paul’s Connection editor, who also compiled and edited this collection.

Event date: 
Thursday, March 29, 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
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7834 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR 97219