En Cyclo Pedia: Everything you need to know about cycling, from the essential to the obscure

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Tell, Johan
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An A-Z guide to the language of cyclingIn En Cyclo Pedia Johan Tell - award-winning Swedish writer and cycling obsessive - uncovers the very soul of cycling, exploring and explaining the many and varied stories that form the basis of cycling culture.

Beautifully illustrated and arranged alphabetically with hundreds of entries ranging from Tour de France stages to illegal 'Alley Cat' races, as well as cult heroes and must-know cycling slang, Tell's book provides an insight into this complex world that only a cycling junkie can.

From a pilgrimage to the Bianchi factory in Milan to scouring the streets of New York for the origins of the fixie, via the bicycle cafés of Barcelona and the cobblestones of Flanders, En Cyclo Pedia is a complete A to Z guide to the unique, indescribable character of global bike culture - a road map of the idiosyncrasies of cycling.