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A Flexible Approach to a Raw Food Diet

Think going raw means eating raw meals all day, every day? Think again. Prepare for a practical, delicious, and flexible way to approach raw food with The Raw Deal Cookbook. Featuring over 100 amazingly simple plant-based recipes, plus tips and tricks for fitting raw food into your busy life, you’ll explore raw food meals, drinks, snacks, and even decadent desserts that are full of flavor and brimming with nutrients. More importantly, you won’t need to make a 100% commitment to start experiencing the health benefits.

Whether you’re switching up a few weeknight meals or completely overhauling your diet, this book walks you through the essentials of a raw food lifestyle and shows you how to incorporate raw food into your routine.

Get creative in the kitchen, with:

  • Raw Food Recipes: 100+ easy-to-prepare raw vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, make-ahead snacks and sides, and more
  • Raw Food Meal Plan: a practical 21-day sample menu starts you off
  • Raw Food Labels: labels help out when you’re short on time (30 minutes or less) and tight on cash (under $10)
  • Raw Food Substitutions: refer to nut-free options plus substitution tips to swap ingredients
  • Raw Food Tips: 10 need-to-know tips for incorporating raw food into your life
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ISBN-13: 9781943451036
Publisher: Sonoma Press
Publication Date: February 29th, 2016