The Forgotten Heroes of the Balkan Wars: Greek-Americans and Philhellenes 1912-1913 (Paperback)

The Forgotten Heroes of the Balkan Wars: Greek-Americans and Philhellenes 1912-1913 By Peter S. Giakoumis Cover Image
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The Balkan Wars of 1912-1913, the precursors to WWI, have been all but forgotten. The Greek-American and Philhellene contributions are overlooked, and yet their efforts and participation are part of the greatest untold stories, until now. Historian Peter S. Giakoumis, presents for the first time the unique perspective of the Greek-American and their supporters. Using contemporary newspaper reports, letters from the front, official narratives, and private archives, their story is now resurrected and gives those heroes and heroines their rightful place in history.

The Forgotten Heroes of the Balkan Wars 1912-1913 includes the following unique and never-before-seen material compiled in one book:

- The captivating story of a U.S. National Guard Brigadier General who volunteered and was wounded in action fighting for the Greek nation. His interactions with the Greek-Americans started before the war and continued far beyond it.

- The famous Garibaldi Legion, fighting a second time for Greece, returned to the battlefield. The complete story of their accomplishments has never been compiled in the English language prior to this work.

- The first-ever contemporary narrative translated into English of a combatant in the second Balkan War of 1913, as presented to a Greek-American by his brother as he was fighting on the front.

- A comprehensive compilation describing the Greek army campaign medals issued and a breakdown of the battles they represent chronologically.

- A representative case study of how the returning veterans established thriving ethnic communities throughout the United States.

- The captivating account of a Greek Army private, presented once over 100 years ago and lost until now.

- Description of the uniforms and weapons of the warring states.

- Hundreds of named volunteers as they appear in print and other archival records.

- Vintage photos, many never published before.

- The Hellenic Army order of battle.

- The only time that a full account of the exploits of the heroic Greek-Americans, and the true number of how many took part, is reviewed and verified using official government sources and contemporary first hand comments by the most respected authorities of that time.

Professor Christopher Tripoulas says, "This book provides rare insight into the contribution of Greek-Americans to Greece's triumph in the Balkan Wars of 1912-13. Through never-before-compiled historic documents, Mr. Giakoumis offers an in-depth account into the heroism displayed by Greek migrants and the obstacles they had to overcome. He also extols the special role played by Philhellenes in shaping this decisive moment in modern history. It's a must read for lovers of history and everyone who wants to further their appreciation of the sacrifices required to gain one's liberty."

Vassilios Chrissochos, Director of the Porphyra Foundation says, "The Balkan Wars of 1912-1913 are a forgotten yet immensely important pre-cursor to World War I. They helped create modern Greece and The Balkan States and forever stopped the expansion of the Ottoman Empire in Europe. Peter Giakoumis has breathed life back into these heroes and highlights their accomplishments from a truly unique Greek American perspective. This book is loaded with rare pictures and tells of a narrative that's never been published before, truly worthy of the researcher."

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