F is for FART: Coloring Book: A rhyming ABC children's COLORING book about farting animals (Paperback)

F is for FART: Coloring Book: A rhyming ABC children's COLORING book about farting animals Cover Image
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This is a book COLORING about farts.Yes, farts. It's also about ABCs, rhymes, and animals - but it's mostly about farts, and making you and your loved ones laugh about farts. Each letter stands for an animal and is accompanied by a rhyme, which are all short and stinky - much like farts are stinky. We hope you think this book stinks in all the right ways.What are the right ways? I'm glad you asked We've got farts which smell, farts that BOOM, farts that splat, farts that upset your nose and send you for a tumble We've even got farts so bad you could use them in a rumble Was it you? Was it me? No, of course not - it was the animals We've got animals from Australia, China, and even Madagascar We've got animals from the east and animals from the west; animals from near and animals from far We've got animals which fly high in the sky and those that swim deep in the sea We've even got animals which are imaginary and some which are extinct, but keep that between you and me Some are from rivers, some live in trees Just buy the book and you - you will see; just buy the book - just buy it please Worried we've skipped a letter or your favorite animal? I don't think so We've got A for Antelope, B for Badger, C for Camel, D for Dinosaur, E for Elephant, F for Ferret, G for Giraffe, H for Hare, I for Iguana, J for Jaguar, K for Kangaroo, L for Lemur, M for Manatee, N for Narwhal, O for Otter, P for Pelican, Q for Qinling Panda, R for Rhino, S for Sloth, T for Turtle, U for Unicorn, V for Vervet Monkey, W for Whale, X for X-Ray Tetra, Y for Yak, and Z for Zebra.If your kids love farts as much as ours, we're sure this book will be a favorite, so please consider adding it to your library.- Mr. Smelt It and Mrs. Dealt It.
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ISBN: 9798629281146
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 21st, 2020
Pages: 56
Language: English