Can a Rock Grow? (Hardcover)

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What shape is a rock?How do rocks change?And does a rock ever look like a rose?

Learn about different kinds of rocks in this fun, conversational picture book for kids who love to explore nature Mountains, fossils, caves, volcanoes, and even crystals . . . they're all part of the different ways that rocks change, along with obsidian, pumice, shale, and other unusual types of rocks.

Explore different shapes that rocks can be while explaining how rocks change over time. Discover flat rocks, round rocks, sharp rocks, and even hexagon-shaped rock--and learn the answer to one key question: can a rock grow?

This is a fun, engaging, and scientifically entertaining book, sure to delight rockhounds of all ages. Plus, check the glossary and scavenger hunt at the end of the book to find extra fun and additional educational content.

Can a Rock Grow? is ideal for students from kindergarten through early elementary, ages 4-8. It's also a fun introduction to rocks and minerals, the Next Gen Science Standards for exploring earth science, and to the rock cycle.

Get your own copy NOW, and start exploring rocks and minerals with this fun, nonfiction picture book

About the Author

Audrey Sauble started writing children’s books to answer her oldest child’s questions about eggs. Now she loves exploring science and nature through stories. She’s the author of several picture books and two activity books.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781946748157
ISBN-10: 1946748153
Publisher: Larch Books
Publication Date: April 20th, 2021
Pages: 40
Language: English