October: The Story of the Russian Revolution (Hardcover)

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It has been 100 years since the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the history of that year is still being told and retold. Enter China Mieville with October, a nonfiction day-by-day and month-by-month recounting of the revolutions of 1917. This is a great history for anyone who wants an introduction or a refresher to those tumultuous days. Mieville, known for the bizarre politics and protests that populate his sci-fi/fantasy novels, demonstrates his strengths as an academic scholar (which he is, London School of Economics degree included) in this nonfiction work. October covers everything from the bicycle brigades that patrolled Petrograd to the politics of Russia’s borderlands and the wracking effects of World War I. Ending with the rise of the Bolsheviks in October, Mieville’s history does not venture into the aftermath of this revolutionary year. Instead, Mieville asks how we look back, 100 long years later, at the men and women who believed that history could be molded and shaped at the people’s will.

— Ruby


Award-winning author China Mi ville plunges us into the year the world was turned upside down

On the centenary of the Russian Revolution, China Mi ville tells the extraordinary story of this pivotal moment in history.

In February of 1917 Russia was a backwards, autocratic monarchy, mired in an unpopular war; by October, after not one but two revolutions, it had become the world's first workers' state, straining to be at the vanguard of global revolution. How did this unimaginable transformation take place?

In a panoramic sweep, stretching from St Petersburg and Moscow to the remotest villages of a sprawling empire, Mi ville uncovers the catastrophes, intrigues and inspirations of 1917, in all their passion, drama and strangeness. Intervening in long-standing historical debates, but told with the reader new to the topic especially in mind, here is a breathtaking story of humanity at its greatest and most desperate; of a turning point for civilisation that still resonates loudly today.

About the Author

China Miéville is the multi-award-winning author of many works of fiction and non-fiction. His fiction includes The City and the City, Embassytown and This Census-Taker. He has won the Hugo, World Fantasy, and Arthur C. Clarke awards. His non-fiction includes the photo-illustrated essay London's Overthrow and Between Equal Rights, a study of international law. He has written for various publications, including the New York Times, Guardian, Conjunctions and Granta, and he is a founding editor of the quarterly Salvage.
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ISBN: 9781784782771
ISBN-10: 1784782777
Publisher: Verso
Publication Date: May 9th, 2017
Pages: 384
Language: English