The Three Silver Coins: A Story from Tibet (Paperback)

The Three Silver Coins: A Story from Tibet Cover Image
By Veronica Leo (Retold by), Tashi Daknewa (As told by), Veronica Leo (Illustrator)
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Three coins, three wishes, a folding magic wand, and a clever cat accompany an earnest young boy on this magical journey. A simple and gently-told story that teaches children (and wonderfully reminds adults!) of the true fortune that comes when we follow the kindness of our hearts.

Praise For…

"This authentic Tibetan tale, delightfully retold and masterfully illustrated with gorgeous colors and lovable characters by Veronica Leo, is destined to become a classic. Readers will worry about poor troubled Jinpa until they realize that his kind nature turns rotten luck into great good fortune again and again. Highly entertaining!"—Kerry Lee MacLean, author of Peaceful Piggy Meditation and Moody Cow Meditates

"This children's story has all the elements of the best folktales: magic, a kind-hearted and likable hero, and good triumphing over bad. . . . A delightful vehicle for multicultural awareness."—NAPRA Review

"A lesson in compassion. . . . Has a wonderful fairy-tale quality and enticing illustrations."—Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

"Leo has captured both the magical adventure and the wisdom teachings of the tale in words and pictures. Our hearts go out to Jinpa, the young hero of the story, who is guided by his heart as he learns to survive in the less compassionate world of the evil king. Leo's craftsmanship is such that the story comes to life in the reader's mind as it unfolds. This is a truly beautiful and captivating book which will let young readers know that it is possible to win without being cruel."—New Age Retailer

"The first English edition of this"book was released in 1997; we reviewed it in Light of Consciousness and called it 'simply delightful.' The hero is Jinpa, a poor boy who earns three silver coins and is sent forth to invest them wisely. When he spends them to spare the lives of an old cat, a useless dog, and a fish, his mother is furious. But the grateful animals turn out to be clever friends who help Jinpa realize his dreams and those of his mother as well. This new edition offers the same lively, full-color illustrations and sweet message about the sanctity of life, the value of compassion, and the magic of innocence. Ages 4 and up."—Light of Consciousness
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ISBN: 9781559393720
ISBN-10: 1559393726
Publisher: Snow Lion
Publication Date: September 13th, 2011
Pages: 32
Language: English