Little Demon in the City of Light: A True Story of Murder in Belle Epoque Paris (Paperback)

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Not since "Devil in the white city" have I been this egaged in a turn of the century true crime book. This time the backdrop is Paris France 1889. It's a time of great change, wonder,fear and fads one of which is the new science of hypnosis. Dabate raged as to weather a person could be compelled thorugh hypnosis to commit crimes or even murder without any free will or the ability to remeber who put them up to it.

So starts the tale of a murder, a con man and his young runaway mistress, an international manhunt and the sensatioal trial that followed. On trial was the question: Can hypnosis compell someone to kill and what would that mean to the justace system? even more disturbing would there be armys of the hypnotized overthrowing goverments?

Told in a snappy intresting style with all the glitz of the" City of lights" displayed as well as its salacious and dark underside. A great read I highly recomend.  

— Aaron


A delicious true crime account of a murder most gallic--think CSI Paris meets Georges Simenon--whose lurid combination of sex, brutality, forensics, and hypnotism riveted first a nation and then the world.

In 1889, the gruesome murder of a lascivious court official at the hands of a ruthless con man and his pliant mistress launched the trial of the century. When Toussaint-Augustin Gouff entered 3, rue Tronson du Coudray, expecting a delightful assignation with the comely Gabrielle Bompard, he was instead murdered by Gabrielle and her lover, Michel Eyraud. An international manhunt chased the infamous couple from Paris to America's West Coast, culminating in a sensational trial that investigated the power of hypnosis to possess, control, and even kill. As the inquiry into the guilt or innocence of the woman the French tabloids dubbed the "Little Demon" intensified, the most respected minds in France vehemently debated: Was Gabrielle Bompard the pawn of her mesmerizing lover or simply a coldly calculating murderess capable of killing a man in cold blood?

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A veteran international journalist who hasworked in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Paris, along withassignments in New York, Chicago, and Washington, STEVEN LEVINGSTON is the nonfiction book editor of The Washington Post. He lives in Bethesda, Maryland, with his wife and two children."
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Publication Date: March 17th, 2015
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